HE280 Not Reaching Set Temperature


When setting the temperature to xxxC it is not reaching the target temperature. 



It is likely that you need to run a PID Auto-Tune routine on your hot end. This will ensure that the algorithm that controls the power to the heating element is working at optimal performance.

  • Send the following command via the terminal: M303 P0 S235 X0
  • After you have run the PID tune via MatterControl you should disconnect from MatterControl and then re-connect before performing any further operations.
  • Auto-Tuning is an iterative process, so run the routine again via the terminal, sending: M303 P0 S235  X0

Full explanation: M303 is the instruction to start the Autotune Process, P0 instructs it to perform the test for the hotend, S250 sets the temperature to run the test to, and X0 is the instruction to save the results to EEPROM.

If you plan to print high temperature materials you should run a PID Auto-Tune at a higher temperature at the target temp that you plan to be printing at.

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